We Are Women, Hear Us Roar

October 19, 2012

Should there be any doubt now that women can handle presidential debates, as well as men?  That they can conduct a live television event that lasts for 90 minutes before an audience of 60 million viewers?  That they can be smart, bold and professional in dealing with the men who would be president and vice […]

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Fight Women, Reelect Obama

March 8, 2012

Barefoot, pregnant and staying home.  That’s where Republican men apparently want to see women of the 21st Century.  They have begun their endgame by chipping away at women’s reproductive rights.  Predominantly white male-dominated legislatures in 20 states have enacted onerous restrictions on women’s health, including Texas, which now forces women, who want an abortion, to […]

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Limbaugh Wages New War On Women

March 2, 2012

Rush Limbaugh, a blowhard who has been going too far, for far too long, has now made it abundantly clear that he hates women. America’s highest rated and highest paid radio broadcaster is a dangerous misogynist. The venom he spewed at Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, a private citizen, is unprecedented.  An overweight, overpaid, hateful […]

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The Real Truth About Being Old and Female

January 28, 2012

Who would have thought 14 million viewers would tune in to NBC’s broadcast of the Betty White Special celebrating her 90th birthday.  The endearing “Golden Girl” was feted by some of the most popular stars of the day, as well as the President of the United States. It was suggested to me that older women […]

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My 2011 Top Ten Black Hits and Misses

December 30, 2011

Add mine to the plethora of Top Ten lists that inundate us at every year’s end.  Mine is different.  It looks at men and women of African-descent, who unwittingly gave the image of black people a boost or a bust. Topping my winners and losers is the inimitable, would-be President of the United States HERMAN […]

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