Be Happy, But Do Worry

May 2, 2011

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Am I glad Osama bin Laden is dead?  Yes.  Do I think the American people are now more safe from terrorism?  No, not at all.  We may be in more danger.

I worry about how members of Al-Qaeda reacted after hearing that the United States finally got their hero and leader, and shot him to death with a single bullet to his head, also killing one of his wives and one of his sons.

What did they think when they learned that an elite team of Navy Seals conducted the raid in the dead of night, swooping down by helicopter into Bin Laden’s million-dollar compound.  As White House Counter Terrorism Chief John Brennan put it, “we decapitated the head of the snake.

A U.S. official called their leader “a snake,” and President Obama issued the order “to take him out.”  Don’t you think there are Al-Qaeda members, now scattered across the globe, wanting, demanding, even mobilizing right now for some horrendous act of revenge against the United States and Americans?

How will Al-Qaeda sympathizers view U.S. troops snatching Bin Laden’s body from a bloody bedroom, putting it on a helicopter and ferrying it back to their secret base?  That another counter terrorism team conducted DNA testing confirming that the body was actually that of Osama bin Laden?

According to U.S. officials, his remains were given proper Islamic funeral treatment, and then buried at sea.  Within a few short hours, Osama bin Laden was dead, identified, photographed and dropped into a watery grave.

So the “head” of the snake is gone, but what about the rest of the snake? You know from seeing one of those slithery creatures that even with the head gone there’s plenty of snake left.  And without its head it is pissed off.  The hatred for America will grow.  Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups will undoubtedly try to exact revenge.

Amidst all the joy and chants of “USA” across the nation, think about it:  what are we so happy about?  It took us over 10 years to find this villain, who, for six years, lived in relative luxury and in plain sight of our “great” ally, Pakistan.

I am writing this on a transcontinental flight:  Los Angeles to Boston.  I could tell that security had been tightened at both airports.  It’s shocking what we have learned to live with.  I thought about this while the invasive hands of a female TSA employee felt all over my body.

Enjoy this temporary high of Bin Laden’s death.  But be wary of the terrorism that, without a doubt, lays ahead.

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Christine September 8, 2012 at 10:25 pm

President Obama did a wonderful job in manikg this successful! This president is very effective and loves justice. He has made America proud once again. I will vote for him ten times over and over again! Bin laden was the leader of a terrible organization. They killed innocent people all over the world! I am happy about this.

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