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November 13, 2010

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As if there weren’t enough blogs, why would I add my words, my thoughts, and my opinions to the millions already floating through cyberspace?  Well, because I find I have so darned much to say about everything. And what better way to find an audience than a website?

After working as a broadcast journalist for four decades, traveling to 65 countries on five continents and to 48 of the 50 states, and covering many of the major news events since 1965, I measure today’s news against my own vast historical perspective.  I see lessons that were not learned; mistakes repeated; lies retold; the failings and triumphs of the high and mighty and the low and feisty.

Thirty-two years of my broadcast life were spent in Washington, DC, where I covered presidents, members of Congress and the Senate, Cabinet heads, and federal agency directors.  But I also covered the “least of them:” the poverty-stricken; the drug addicts, the victims of domestic violence; the gang bangers; and the sick and homeless.

While I spent my professional career as a journalist I am so much more than that.  I am a woman, a wife, a mother and grandmother, an African American, a voter, a taxpayer, a homeowner, a consumer, a professor, a Bostonian, and a life-long learner.  My students have dragged me kicking and screaming to Facebook and Twitter, and the latest alternative music and poetry. They seem determined to keep me up with them.

On this website you will find blog posts providing my take on many of the events of the day.  I will be tipping lightly into this “brave new world” until I find my voice and learn how to use it in the most effective manner.  I invite you to sample my thoughts and kindly ask for a little patience…please?

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